Sammy + Ric @ The Aviary


Sammy and Ric

I loved this wedding so much.

Sammy is just this beautiful caring little princess who is constantly making sure everybody around her is ok and she just kind of glides like an angel. Ric is boss and I’ve got a lot of time for him. He’s not scared of speaking his mind and says it how it is. He hates having his photo taken and posing but he sure loves Sammy. They’ve been together a billion years and on the morning of their wedding Ric said to drop him text to find out where he was going to be and I tipped up to their new house. He wasn’t sat around drinking beer or chilling out he was hard at work with his cousin Ben getting the house ready for the plasterer on the Monday. How many men care that much about their home and future that they would be doing that on the morning of their wedding?!…Next I was on my way to Sammy’s mum’s house to shoot bridal prep when Sammy got in touch and said to just head straight to their wedding venue as she wanted to do some last minute checks to make sure every thing was ready…. I really love them…

There was so much laughter throughout the day it was absolutely amazing to be part of their wedding!

Congratulations Ric and Sammy xxxx

Shout out to:

Venue: The Aviary Ormskirk

Dress: Monsoon

Florist: The Flower farm, Burscough

Hair and Make Up: Chris Maerevoet

Cake: Ric’s mum!

Singer: David Massom

Wedding Cars: Churchtown Wedding Cars