Mike and Varsha’s Incredible Home Made Wedding

Mike and Varsha are they true of people who every one wants to be around because they are fabulous and make you feel happy and wonderful.

These guys do not do things by halves…Previously they’d had an absolutely massive wedding in India spread over days and they were giving the same commitment to their British wedding. They wanted to make every thing themselves and were dedicated to making this Wedding epic.

They made a bar out of crates!! An actual bar! It was unbelievable… There were hey bales… There was Indian food… There was a rodeo…

I think if you see these pictures it’s pretty obvious what an amazing day it was and that all that hard work totally paid off.

(Photo of me laughing my head off…which I did pretty much the whole day it was awesome!)

All their friends were amazing and helped out loads and absolutely every one there was having the best time ever.

Varsha and Mike had planned for this wedding to be in the garden and it was actually the hottest week all year and due to storm. I don’t know how but they managed to escape the rain…

There’s even more stories but I would literally be writing forever.

Wish I could back and do it all again.

So without further ado here is  Varsha and Mike’s big day