About Me

Hello there, I’m Sarah

Here’s some info about me…
I’m based in Parbold and used to work for Disney.
I interned in Florida and loved the Disney way.
We had to make sure everyone had a ‘magical day’.

I’ve got a degree in English
And I’m very social.
I was on the netball committee and I’m also very vocal.
I’ve worked a zillion weddings and every time I cry.
It was working in events when I met the apple of my eye…

My rascal husband Sammy
Who has really changed my life
And took me to a castle and asked if I’d be his wife.

So now we have a daughter and a cat called Winkle Glynn,
And we’re terrified our toddler will put us in the bin.
I love being a photographer, seeing the magic in your life…
Whether it’s events,
Or Families
Or a fiancé becoming a wife